Five High Paying Sales Positions

Here are five high-paying professional sales jobs for people to consider if they’re just starting their job search out of college or are looking to change careers:

Will this place hire a washed up sales guy like me?

1) Commercial Insurance Agent: Almost all companies purchase insurance (and are required to purchase certain types of insurance). Commercial insurance is generally sold through independent brokers that underwrites and presents risk to various insurance companies, then helps negotiate the best coverage/price. This business is highly competitive for new agents, but agents are paid annually for both new business and retained customers and the only cap on earnings is the agent’s time.  Typically new employers require a college degree and some type of sales experience.

2) Commercial Leasing Agent: Commercial real estate brokers can conduct purchases/sales, but also help match landlords and tenants together. Landlords use brokers to help vet out the qualifications of tenants and negotiate the best deal. Tenants use agents to help them find space and negotiate points like how much a landlord will contribute towards build out along with rate/term of the lease. Leasing agents usually get paid up front and can have the same client use them over and over during the course of their career. Employer requirements will vary, but typically want some type of sales or real estate experience. Students in college can often get part time jobs in college towns in the property management business.

3) Business/Commercial Banking: Banks earn their money by acquiring low cost deposits and turning around to make loans to companies. Banking is a competitive business, with 10-100 banks in every market. They need salespeople to go out to businesses and solicit opportunities, as well as conduct interviews with potential borrowers to determine if their qualified. Candidates typically have a college degree and should have some experience inside a bank.

4) Accountant: I know what you’re thinking, a number cruncher isn’t a salesperson. Not true! Accounting is a skill set, but businesses don’t just find an accountant out of a phone book. Independent accountants as well as small practices look for employees who can also go out and solicit new business for the firm. Accountants also have their work packed into short time periods for the year and need to find clients to provide other advisory services to.

5) HVAC Sales Representative: Heating and Air Conditioning companies come in all niches, residential, commercial, new construction, and service. A diversified or commercial company will employ sales representatives to help them find new business. This can range from building relationships with general contractors to generate bidding opportunities to building relationships with landlords and property management companies for service calls. Requirements are generally a professional appearance, willingness to talk to people, and some understanding in Heating & Cooling.


Are there any other high end sales jobs that should be included?  Please leave a comment below!

3 Replies to “Five High Paying Sales Positions”

  1. Technology or software sales rep.

    Entry level inside positions start at $50-$70k including salary + commissions.

    Good or lucky field sales reps will earn $150-$200k with 3-5 years of experience.

    Really fortunate reps can occasionally have a blowout year and make $500k plus, but that’s kinf of like winning the lottery in terms of timing and luck. Better odds, but still not good odds.

    I’ve got a post on this on my blog if anyone is interested in more salary and commissions details.

    1. You are spot on! Part of earning a high income is go to this generation’s best industry. I went into finance, but in hindsight technology would have been more rewarding.

  2. I’ve got several friends in pharmaceutical sales and medical device sales. I’ve been stunned for years how few hours they all work while pulling in 6 figures. Happy hours start at 3pm for those folks – or at lunch Great work life balance if you’re a parent.

    First few years you may have to live in crappy territories (my BF spent time in McAllen TX and rural GA for a stint), but if you can sell and stay employed you can earn $120k base in a city, plus big bonuses and work just a few hours a day.

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