Best Financial Podcasts of November 2017

The abundance of free information through Podcasts is incredible.  In this inaugural series, we will recognize the top podcasts each month for Financial Independence, Side Hustles, and Early Retirement.



Choose FI (5): Freedom Is Groovy:

I was not a reader of Freedom is Groovy before listening to this podcast, but I loved it. The best takeaway is Financial Independence isn’t just for 20 something engineers, finance, and technology workers. Here’s a middle of the road income couple near 40 that decides that working until 67 isn’t for them and and uses the freedom we have in this country to move wherever you want to, whenever you want to. They could have used all the excuses possible to “why” financial independence isn’t possible, but instead chose freedom, because Freedom is Groovy!   Congratulations to both Jonathan and Brad for their upcoming one year anniversary of Choose FI and helping bring this movement to the masses.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I went on a cold but sunny run this Thanksgiving morning and had an hour to clear my mind of any distractions. Here are the many thoughts of what I am thankful for this year:

– I’m thankful for my wife’s health. This holiday weekend marks one year from the Sunday morning we were lifting weights together and the mysterious and debilitating “headache” started. Its not 100%, but its a lot better.

– I’m thankful for my own health, feeling the aching of my cold legs turning through the morning temperatures, cold air hitting my lungs with a bit of burn reminding me that I’m alive.

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2009 – Financial Independence: The Year Sh*t Got Real!

I had always marveled at Financial Independence, but I didn’t quite know why. I knew my parents struggled with money, I knew that my grandfather experienced a poor investment experience (concentrated tech stock position in his early 60s), and I thought it would be “cool” to be a millionaire by 40. I was running numbers with a financial calculator in my college finance classes and figured out this is possible with some savings and investment savvy.

We had always been decent savers, but in hindsight I was more of a “financial engineer” than a serious saver. We borrowed a little extra on my wife’s graduate school loans to fund Roth IRAs, we both contributed to get the match on 401ks, and I bought my first house at 22 which we did quite well on with a 97% mortgage and 2004-2007 price appreciation. I “invested” with the hottest fund managers in an expensive traditional brokerage. We also turned around and bought a massive house in 2007, a new truck, we heavily spent on travel (without credit card hacking), and ate plenty of expenses meals out. We still thought we were frugal, but really weren’t.

Then welcome to 2009….and did it ever change:

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Foundations of Financial Independence

You are in the business of you! You are responsible for both total revenue and total expenses. What are you doing to increase your income today? What are you doing to increase your income potential tomorrow? Where are the best paying jobs in your field? What is the incremental value of education? The path to financial independence begins with increasing your income and finishes once you’ve optimized your expenses

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