Happy Thanksgiving!

I went on a cold but sunny run this Thanksgiving morning and had an hour to clear my mind of any distractions. Here are the many thoughts of what I am thankful for this year:

– I’m thankful for my wife’s health. This holiday weekend marks one year from the Sunday morning we were lifting weights together and the mysterious and debilitating “headache” started. Its not 100%, but its a lot better.

– I’m thankful for my own health, feeling the aching of my cold legs turning through the morning temperatures, cold air hitting my lungs with a bit of burn reminding me that I’m alive.

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2009 – Financial Independence: The Year Sh*t Got Real!

I had always marveled at Financial Independence, but I didn’t quite know why. I knew my parents struggled with money, I knew that my grandfather experienced a poor investment experience (concentrated tech stock position in his early 60s), and I thought it would be “cool” to be a millionaire by 40. I was running numbers with a financial calculator in my college finance classes and figured out this is possible with some savings and investment savvy.

We had always been decent savers, but in hindsight I was more of a “financial engineer” than a serious saver. We borrowed a little extra on my wife’s graduate school loans to fund Roth IRAs, we both contributed to get the match on 401ks, and I bought my first house at 22 which we did quite well on with a 97% mortgage and 2004-2007 price appreciation. I “invested” with the hottest fund managers in an expensive traditional brokerage. We also turned around and bought a massive house in 2007, a new truck, we heavily spent on travel (without credit card hacking), and ate plenty of expenses meals out. We still thought we were frugal, but really weren’t.

Then welcome to 2009….and did it ever change:

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Best Jobs for Learning Sales Skills in College

Learning how to interact and influence people in person or on the phone is an important skill set for people in professional sales. So many potential employees rely on written communication which is often not effective at professional sales.   The sales jobs available when I was in college usually involved going door to door selling vacuum cleaners or cutlery to all the parents of your friends or trying to sell to other broker college students.   Instead of doing that, here are the best places/jobs to learn sales skills while in college:

They need a salesperson!

1) Property Management: Every college is full of property management companies. Do what it takes to get into one, whether its maintenance and repairs, property showings, or answering the telephone. Learning how to sell the benefits of a crappy house/apartment in a college town is great experience in overcoming objections in professional sales. You may also pickup some skills that’ll help you develop a nice real estate side hustle/investment portfolio in your future life. Continue reading “Best Jobs for Learning Sales Skills in College”

The blogging adventure begins…

Well, its finally happened.   A blog.  After lurking in the shadows of the personal finance community (about 15+ years on various message boards and twitter), I’ve decided to move out into the light to share random thoughts with the world.


I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but to be direct, I’ve not been one to try things that I might not be successful with.  I’m a finance guy, not a coder or web designer.  I actually changed majors from computer science because I couldn’t stand coding.  This was completely intimidating to me!   I had drafted a bunch of random thoughts, posted hundreds of thousands of words of advice on message boards, but was still afraid to blog.   One day I was reading one of my favorite sites, Physician on FIRE, and clicked on his “start a blog” post.  He shared his original blog page and with that I said “If an anesthesiologist can figure this out, I can too”.


I also believe content will drive success.  You can have the best designed site, best social media platforms, the most forum posts, but if your content stinks, you still won’t get people visiting your site.