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Spinal CSF Leak Research

Spinal CSF Leak Foundation

Duke Medical Spinal CSF Leak Fund

Spinal CSF Leak is a condition/injury where a small hole or tear occurs in the protective layer (dura) of the spinal cord, causing debilitating headaches when a patient is upright along with other neurologic issues. This can occur after a lumbar puncture, commonly known as a “spinal headache” or spontaneously with trauma or a sports/exercise injury. Spontaneous patients are often misdiagnosed for months or years with migraines, fibromyalgia, POTS, or other conditions due to lack of awareness of Spinal CSF Leaks. This can happy to anyone, but patients are usually young or middle-aged and in the most productive years of their lives. Patients become bedridden with little access to doctors/care that can help. The only relief they can find is from laying flat without any physical activity. Even once the correct diagnosis is made, few physicians have experience in finding the source of the fluid leak and sealing it, causing patients to experience long wait lists and travel to one of three teaching hospitals for care.  This cost my wife almost a year of her life due to delayed diagnosis and lack of awareness.

Funding is needed for awareness through continuing education and research and training in this field led by Duke University.