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Month: April 2018

Adding a Retirement Countdown App

I saw a post by Fritz over at the Retirement Manifesto who recommended getting a retirement countdown timer on my phone as part of the leaving work/retirement checklist.   I decided to try this out, but its something easy to go overboard with! I've added the retirement countdown to the timer, but within the first week of having this app, here are all of the countdown metrics I've come up with: 41 Weeks until Retirement Notice 40 Sunday "recap" emails from…

Q1 2018 Asset Allocation and Net Worth Update

The market decided to find some volatility!  It was a wild quarter if you like to check your accounts daily (confession: I do). Asset Allocation: Passive Index Funds:  63.1%.   I might win the award for most tickers owned of passive index funds.  Vanguard, iShares, Fidelity, employer picked S&P 500 funds.).  Index funds will be the purchase of choice going forward and the ultra-low cost Fidelity's Total Market Index is my preferred fund.Read More

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