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Month: January 2019

2018 Year End Update and Asset Allocation

"When the bear rears its ugly head, throw cash at it until it goes away" - Anonymous. 2018 has come to a close and I have now completed two thirds of the "work nine more months" plan. The fourth quarter came with gut wrenching excitement if you check your investment accounts on a regular basis (that's me!). Here is the year end update on our asset allocation and investments. There was some tinkering and attempts at market timing this quarter.…

Disclosing our Investment Policy Statement

The Investment Policy Statement: The written document between a portfolio manager and an investor outlining the investor’s goals and risk tolerances. As a do-it-yourself investor, this is a written document written by me and for me. The concept always seemed elusive to me, but I finally set down and formalized my Investment Policy Statement. Credit goes to the White Coat Investor for originally introducing this idea to me the recent market volatility for forcing me me formalize the IPS.  Today…

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