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Achieving Financial Independence Through Corporate Employment

Month: April 2019

The First $500,000

I've had the pleasure of talking to a lot of people about income, expenses, and life when I announced my retirement at 36.  I also keep getting questions and feedback through the blog and realizing the ability I have to help people.   The majority of the people who've reached out are young professionals.  Maybe they've recently discovered financial independence or are in the middle of their journey and trying to figure out the right balance of saving and spending.  The…

I Gave My Early Retirement Notice….and Live Tweeted It

I turned in my early retirement notice and live tweeted it!  Background I've always wanted to be financially independent. Late in my teenage years I figured out that having money is better than not having money.  In my early finance classes, I would run some compound interest caluclators in college and figure out how much I needed to save so I could retire by 40.  We were pretty frugal in our 20s and income accelerated in our early 30s, which…

Q1 Update: Asset Allocation and Portfolio Details

The first quarter of 2019 was a great quarter, not just because I delivered my retirement notice, but also because the market rebounded from its year-end levels!  The US Stock Market  Index is within 5% of its all-time high and we all experienced one of the best recoveries from a bear market in the history of the US Stock Market. I’m sharing the details of our portfolios for others that may like to do some additional tinkering. Most of our…

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