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Month: May 2019

I Retired Early by Avoiding the MBA.

Getting an MBA has been all the rage for years in the business field. The hard press marketing from the high end to online universities is out there:  Its always a good time to get your MBA they say.  Did you just graduate with an undergraduate in a business field? Get an MBA. Have a non-business degree? The MBA is your ticket. Frustrated with your job after three years, why not get an MBA? Are you a mid-career executive searching…

Corporate Relocation: Six Lessons

Corporate Relocation: I've taken five corporate relocation in my career, including three major moves paid for by the company which involved the sale of a home.  Corporation relocation helped me increase my pay nine-fold while working for the same company.   I worked in a professional level job for a Fortune 500 company and through my research, our relocation benefits were fairly ordinary. Taking on a relocation with your company is a major decision:  There is a lot to consider and…

Reflections on the First Month(ish) of Early Retirement

I've officially been retired for fourteen days.  My employer and I agreed to a five week notice period, the first two were pretty busy and the last three had minimal actual work and helped ease into early retirement, so all in its been roughly a month without paid work.  Sitting here on our third trip in a month, I was reflecting on my way too early thoughts about early retirement: Travel Traveling without worrying about vacation days is wonderful.  Sitting…

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