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Achieving Financial Independence Through Corporate Employment

Month: June 2019

Reflections Two Months into Early Retirement

This past Friday marked two months into my early retirement. I can’t believe its only been two months, the amount of time that has appeared into live now that a 40-50hr a week job isn’t consuming most of my waking hours is incredible.  Thus far we’ve done one full leisure trip and are on our second housing hunting trip trying to finalize our next destination. So what are my thoughts two months out in early retirement? Related Content: I Retired…

The Three Phases of Financial Independence

I've had the opportunity to talk to more and more people about financial independence since declaring my early retirement in March of 2019. Its been fun to be able to talk about these topics openly as more people approach me for advice.  This post comes from preparing and talking with two former coworkers in their 20's with rising corporate careers.  What advice did I have?  Look at Financial Independence in Three Parts: Part 1: The Accumulation Phase (aka The First…

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