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Month: July 2019

Home Ownership Cost Us $60,000 in a Great Housing Market

We recently sold our house and moved as part of our early retirement plan. The place we moved from was considered one of the hotter housing markets in the country (Dallas-Fort Worth) and we sold our home for nearly $50,000 more than we purchased it for after owning it for only 43 months.  That sounds like a victory, but when we finalized the numbers  we *lost* nearly $60,000  compared to renting over that same time period.  The property was a…

Geographic Arbitrage Update

This week marks four months since I gave my early retirement notice to my job/career after sixteen years with the same company.  Substantially all of our time since then has been focused on geographic arbitrage - moving out of the high cost bigger city into an area with lower costs and a better fit for our lifestyle. So where did we end up? I'm not ready to post our GPS coordinates, but we ended up near the coast in the…

Q2 2019 Portfolio Update: The Equity Glidepath

Well this was an exciting quarter - I officially left my job after turning in my retirement notice, turned the ripe old age of 37, and have been working tirelessly on selling a house and pulling off  geographic arbitrage.  Moving isn't easy, but thank goodness I'm not dealing with moving and holding down a full time job.  Most importantly I'm fortunate to have a supportive spouse who's helped us both keep our sanity managing the move. I sat down and…

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