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Robert (aka Stop Ironing Shirts) achieved financial independence in his early 30s and retired from his corporate job at 36. Below is a list of appearances and contributions around the web. If you’re interested in an interview or information for a story, please reach out at

Media Contributions

Marketwatch: Why people who earn a lot of money still can’t pay the bills

Marketwatch: How to make the most of your HSA

Podcast Appearances:

Fire Drill Podcast: How To Focus On Your Career To FIRE

Millionaire’s Unveiled Podcast: Episode 36

What’s Up Next Podcast: Quenching the FIRE

The FI Show: From FatFIRE to LeanFIRE in a Month (recorded mid-March, 2020!)

Guest Posts and Appearances:

Early Retirement Now: A Case Study

ESI Money: Millionaire Interview 35

Physician On Fire: Early Retiree Shares An Investment Policy Statement

FI Introvert: Interview #2

Marriage, Kids, and Money: How to Become a Millionaire in Your 30s

Millionaire Dojo: Financial Black Belt Interview

Richer Life DVM: Get To Know a Veterinarian

Podcast Mentions:

Stacking Benjamins: Is Buying a House a Waste of Money?

Choose FI: Episode 136R, Silver Spoon or Skills