Best Financial Podcasts of November 2017

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The abundance of free information through Podcasts is incredible.  In this inaugural series, we will recognize the top podcasts each month for Financial Independence, Side Hustles, and Early Retirement.



Choose FI (5): Freedom Is Groovy:

I was not a reader of Freedom is Groovy before listening to this podcast, but I loved it. The best takeaway is Financial Independence isn’t just for 20 something engineers, finance, and technology workers. Here’s a middle of the road income couple near 40 that decides that working until 67 isn’t for them and and uses the freedom we have in this country to move wherever you want to, whenever you want to. They could have used all the excuses possible to “why” financial independence isn’t possible, but instead chose freedom, because Freedom is Groovy!   Congratulations to both Jonathan and Brad for their upcoming one year anniversary of Choose FI and helping bring this movement to the masses.

FIRE Drill (25) Ariana @ Points Chaser.

The travel budget is a big variable in our Early Retirement plans and travel hacking is one strategy to offset it.   J and Gwen are continuing to develop the FIRE Drill Podcast and the side hustle guests are awesome.   This episode featured Ariana with Points Chaser to discuss manufactured spending.    We have picked up a signup bonus or two a year on credit cards, but were spoiled by the dollar coin direct ship program and haven’t gone through the effort of manufactured spending since because anything else seemed complicated. After listening to the podcast, I was motivated to go drop $1,600 in manufactured spending on Black Friday via Visa Gift Cards at Office Depot to accelerate a sign up bonus forward and earn enough points for a January trip. It did feel like work (especially after the first Walmart said “no” on gift card redemption round 2) and not something I can do a lot of while working, but its a nice reminder that opportunity exists with a little hustle.

The damage from $1600 in manufactured spending


Minimalists (106): Limits

This episode is recorded live in their show in Denver and this must be the home of the financial independence crowd, because almost every question related to freedom and independence. The most thoughtful discussion was around each individual’s decision about just how hard they go for a goal without burning out. This is a decision we all are faced with, regardless of the goals. This is also known as being “selectively hardcore”, whether that’s Mrs. ONL’s decision to keep the house at 55 degrees or Mr. Money Mustache’s decision to evaluate the calories per dollar in Canola oil from Costco for substance, its an individual decision.


Honorable Mention:

Masters of Money (48): Go Curry Cracker:

If Jeremy is giving his time to do an interview, it should be required listening for anyone perusing financial independence. He along with a few others generously gave time and identity half a decade ago and have helped thousands of people realize freedom is possible by making different choices. He also accurately describes why “Hard Money Lending” is not easy money and there’s a reason banks don’t make these loans even though they have excess capital.

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    1. I hear Office Max is running another gift card promo next week! I am hesitant to do a ton of this unless I’m hitting a signup bonus because I might get questions on why a bank officer is depositing small dollar money orders….#notlaundering

  1. Great synopsis of each episode! I have to catch up on two of those! Yes, this free information is absolutely amazing and helpful. I’ve learned so much here.

    1. Glad I could help, I enjoy consuming podcasts and iTunes only lets me write one review on the series, not highlight the best episodes of the month. Thanks for reading!

  2. Thank you for featuring our episode and thanks also for the tip on Minimalists and Masters of Money. I already listen to ChooseFI and love it. Now I have two more podcasts to check out!

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