You may have noticed a few mentions of consulting in my various post-career income reports. The three niches I help clients with are businesses needing to prepare a company book for a sale or capital raise, representing companies or real estate investors with acquiring debt, and deal evaluations. The first two apply to companies, but the third might be of help to you:

Limited Partner Consulting / Evaluation

I provide deal evaluations consulting for investors in limited partnerships. These could be investments into private equity, directly into private companies, or for investing into a private real estate fund or syndication. My experience is over a decade and a half of loaning into small businesses and commercial real estate while carrying employer restrictions against investing directly into these projects myself. I’m now making up for lost time in this asset class.

The goal in any discussion is to evaluate the risk / return profile, discussing the potential risks and benefits of each project, including but not limited to:

  • Evaluating the Return Expectations
  • Sponsor/General Partner History & Execution
  • Development Risk
  • Property Type/Industry Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Exit Risk

Between my direct lending activity and reviewing transactions in a leadership position, I’ve looked at 2,000+ transactions and enjoy talking about deals. If I can ever reach out to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email to stopironingshirts [at] and include an overview of the deal you’re considering.

Financial Independence / Early Retirement / Money Coaching

If you are looking for consulting/coaching regarding financial independence and/or early retirement, this is not something that I do. I can recommend others who are more suited for this.