Guest Post Policy

Hey there! So you want to guest post on Stop Ironing Shirts!? I’m honored! Probably. Maybe. I have no idea.

If You’re Another Personal Finance Blogger

Send me a detailed description of the post including:

  • Potential title: For bonus points, throw out more than one!
  • Synopsis: 4-6 sentences describing the post.
  • Why you’re a good fit: Why do you think your post is good for Stop Ironing Shirts? Did you have a bad time in corporate life? Do you like to fish? Do you have bad jokes? Point me to some of your best work.

If You’re Promoting Something

If you represent a product or service, I don’t take these types of posts. I hold myself to high standards and will not compromise my brand.

Oh hell, who am I kidding?

Everyone has their price and even though I’m financially independent, so do I! I’ll totally sell out, but my price is high. Ridiculously high. I have no idea why anyone would want to pay my rates. If you do, there’s probably something wrong with you or you’ve greatly overestimated the reach of my blog. Here are the juicy details:

  • Rate$10,0001 post! Let’s be clear here:

$10,000 for one, stinkin’ post!



Yep, that’s right. No crypto either. $10,000 good old American dollars. And that is the lowest rate. It goes up from there! Depending on your product or service, I reserve the right to charge anything including all of the money in the world. Payment must be made before I publish the post.

  • Editorial control: I reserve the right to edit anything and everything. If your post is offensive or boring, I may change your words. Note that I’ve set the bar low (this blog is already offensive and boring), so unless you’re a 3rd world dictator leading an ethnic cleansing campaign, I probably won’t have to change much.
  • Running time: Your post will publish at 4:04 am (MST) and will run through the end of the following day. If you’re a math whiz, that’s 48 hours of publicity for you. I pick the date that it runs.
  • Deletion: I reserve the right to delete your post after the 48 hours is up.
  • Introduction: I reserve the right to come up with any introduction that I damn please. It will probably be something like this:

This is a paid promotional post. Yes, I completely sold out to allow promotion of this product. I received a hefty sum of money, and I might even buy a boat and name it Guest Post thanks to how much money I’ve been paid. Please forgive this interruption.

Still interested? Hot damn! Let’s work together! Send me an email

Reproduced with permission courtesy of Mr. 1500.