The blogging adventure begins…

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Well, its finally happened.   A blog.  After lurking in the shadows of the personal finance community (about 15+ years on various message boards and twitter), I’ve decided to move out into the light to share random thoughts with the world.


I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but to be direct, I’ve not been one to try things that I might not be successful with.  I’m a finance guy, not a coder or web designer.  I actually changed majors from computer science because I couldn’t stand coding.  This was completely intimidating to me!   I had drafted a bunch of random thoughts, posted hundreds of thousands of words of advice on message boards, but was still afraid to blog.   One day I was reading one of my favorite sites, Physician on FIRE, and clicked on his “start a blog” post.  He shared his original blog page and with that I said “If an anesthesiologist can figure this out, I can too”.


I also believe content will drive success.  You can have the best designed site, best social media platforms, the most forum posts, but if your content stinks, you still won’t get people visiting your site.

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